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New versions: MEME and InterProScan

by A. Bretaudeau on November 17, 2010

Hello all,

Just a few words to keep you informed about the progress of the Dr Motifs project.


InterProScan 4.7 has been released a few days ago. We have installed this new version on our cluster.

The main new feature is that now it uses hmmer 3 for Gene3D and Pfam databanks. This means faster and better results hopefully!

The next big release planned is 5.0 (no release date yet known). According to the authors, it will be a complete rewrite of the tool.

Our web form is still available at and as a webservice on our Opal server.

The EBI as also created a new web form. The results visualization seems more convenient. But I experienced a few instabilities while testing… I will test it more extensively when it will get more stable.

MEME suite

We have updated MEME to the brand new 4.5 version. The main change is about the TOMTOM application which allows to compare a motif against a database of known motifs from databanks like Jaspar. The submission form is now more usable and a proper webservice is available.

GenOuest is an alternate MEME server

GenOuest is an alternate MEME server

We are also proud to appear now in the list of alternate servers for MEME!

Web interface for the MEME suite is available here.

More details on how to use this software suite will come in a one of my next articles.

What’s next

In the next weeks, I will be:

  • preparing a training session on motifs study;
  • installing new tools;
  • writing more tutorials about these tools;
  • finishing a little surprise for drmotifs website.

Just a word about the tools I am going to install: most useful publicly available tools are now deployed, I am going to focus on some tools developed by the Symbiose INRIA team we are working with.

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