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Blast+ and MEME updates

by A. Bretaudeau on April 5, 2011

Hi all,

Just a quick post to tell you that I have updated our servers to the latest Blast+ and MEME versions.

Blast+ 2.2.25+

The NCBI has released a few days ago the Blast+ 2.2.25+ version. I was particularly impatient to get it as there was a bug in 2.2.24+ version which caused some results to be incomplete (you may have seen the warning message about that on our form).

So this new version fixes this specific bug (and others), and brings some improvements which you can see in the changelog.

Feel free to test our blast form and tell us if you have any problem with it.

Speaking about this form, to answer a comment from one of my previous post: we’re not really planning to release the code right now. It is based on the symfony framework, using one of our plugins to submit jobs to our cluster (sfobManagerPlugin). We will probably port this code to the new Symfony2 architecture soon, so maybe one day we will release a BlastBundle for it?

MEME 4.6.1

MEME has also been updated to the brand new 4.6.1 version. As usual reading the release notes will tell you what’s new.

It concerns mostly MEME-ChIP which is now available from the command line. It may be useful if you want to test it on our cluster: see this post if you don’t know how to use it from command line.

Test it, and tell us if you have any problem with it!


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